Ms. Posey’s Walk Into History on the Freedom Trail 

Welcome to the my blog page. We are going to take a journey around the Boston and the Freedom Trail.  I am excited you are here to learn about the brave people who shaped our nation. So lets discover the rich history of the American Revolution, together!

*Fun Fact: Did you know that for decades, the identities of participants of the Boston Tea Party were shrouded in secrecy? Click here to learn more fun facts. Want to see the pictures? Click here 

Join me along the way and see if you find the places I visit on the map!

*Freedom Trail Map 

*Who was Paul Revere? Click HERE

What started the Boston Massacre


Check out the Voki on American Revolution Vokis

Click on the picture and try making a Voki for yourself


           Paul Revere’s Ride             




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