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AMI (Alternative Method of Instruction)

The Genoa Central School District was recently approved by the State Department for 5 Alternative Method of Instruction days, also known as AMI days. This approval will allow your child's education to continue when reasons such as electrical outages or inclement weather call for us to close the school. This also prevents us from having to make-up those days at the end of the regular school year. 

As a result of this approval, all students will be given assignments ahead of time if we know the weather ahead of time. If not, they will receive the assignments through Google Classroom or the first day they return back to school. Students have 48 hours to complete the assignments and completion of those assignments will enable them to get credit for that school day.

In the event of an AMI day, parents, students, and teachers will receive an alert stating that it is an AMI day. Students will be instructed to complete their assignments in Google Classroom or receive the assignments the first day that school resumes. 

Students who fail to complete and return the AMI assignments will be marked absent and could receive a grade of "0" for incomplete work. 

If you have any questions please feel free to call the school for more details.